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As an employer, you want to hire the best employees to create success for your company. But you can’t spend all your time on sourcing and recruiting – you have a business to run. Given these competing factors, you need to concentrate your time and effort on the recruiting sources with the highest return for the investment.

You’ve tried Dice, Monster, CraigsList, HotJobs Yahoo!, outside agencies, contingent recruiters, job fairs, newspaper ads, and who knows what. Yet you still have trouble finding good candidates, running an efficient recruiting process, and hiring in a reasonable amount of time.

We can help as much or as little as you need with your hiring plan. We’re all experienced recruiters, some of us with specializations in technical, marketing, or other types of recruiting.

Reasons to work with us:

  • Our candidates are personal referrals. This means that someone who is known to be reliable is willing to vouch for the skills, experience, and character of the candidate. These aren’t candidates we’ve dug up from some dusty database and hope that they’re employable. We’re not as well known as CraigsList (not yet, at least!), but we do have steady traffic week to week checking out our job listings.
  • We don’t accept referrals of coworkers from someone’s current employer, and we don’t solicit employees from our clients. Ethical recruiting is not only possible, it’s the only possibility for us. We treat our candidates and our clients fairly.
  • We respect your company’s policies and ways of handling the recruiting process. We work with your HR staff and the hiring manager so there are no unpleasant surprises on either side. We won’t go directly to the hiring managers unless that’s accepted practice at your company.
  • We understand that confidentiality is vital to our clients. Until the client requests an interview, we do not disclose the company name to the candidate. We provide enough information to the candidate (company location, type of business, job description) to allow them to decide whether they’re interested.
  • We can be as involved or as detached as your company needs. If you want us to handle all the prescreening, scheduling, etc., we can do that. If your HR department handles everything once we’ve submitted the resume, that works, too.
  • We take the time needed to understand what you’re looking for, and we screen our resumes to match the job requirements. We won’t throw a bunch of resumes at you and hope one sticks. We listen to your feedback on the resumes we do send to help us focus on what does and doesn’t work for you in the candidate pool. When we do prescreen interviews, we ask relevant questions to provide useful information – our prescreens are far more than merely ticking off a series of yes/no questions.
  • If you want advice or suggestions about setting up or revitalizing your recruiting process, we’re here with years of ideas and experience to share. Let us save you time and effort by starting with the best ideas and practices, not starting from scratch.
  • Job postings don’t expire after 30, 45, or 60 days – when you post a job with us, the job stays posted for as long as it takes to fill. Try getting that kind of arrangement from one of the big job boards or an agency!
  • Our rates are reasonable, flexible, and fair. You choose how much or how little involvement you need from us in your recruiting process, and you pay for only those services you use. We do not stay up late at night thinking of new and unusual fees to extract from our clients; when you sign a contract with us, you know how exactly what your cost will be to hire one of our candidates.

We’re here to help our clients find the right employees and help our candidates find the right jobs. This means that we need to be able to provide correct information and respond promptly to both clients and candidates. When we send resumes or scheduling requests, we really need you to get back to us in a reasonable time – not days (or weeks) later. We work hard to treat our candidates fairly, and that means our clients have to do their part by responding promptly to resume presentations and scheduling requests.

If you think we’re the ones to help you with some or all of your recruiting needs, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!


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