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Job listings are usually updated on Monday and Thursday (unless it’s a holiday, and then the update happens the next business day). If something really interesting comes up, we’ll post it before the next regular update.

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A few professional courtesies:

  • If you are referring someone, please don’t refer someone from your current employer! This is bad form, and will also come back to haunt you. Regardless of your industry, the Bay Area is a small place, and people talk. If they find out you’re poaching from your own company, the word will not be good. Also, if you have a non-solicit agreement with your current employer, breaching that contract has serious legal repercussions.
  • Similarly, if you have a non-solicit agreement which is still in effect with a former employer, don’t refer anyone from there, either!
  • Please understand that confidentiality is as important to my clients as it is to you during your job search. Until the client requests an interview, we can’t tell you who the hiring company is. The job postings should have enough information (location, duties, responsibilities, etc.) to allow you to decide whether you’re interested. If, at any point in the process, you decide it’s not the right company or job for you, you can simply withdraw yourself from consideration, and life goes on. We’re all professionals here, and companies prefer that a candidate self-deselect if they don’t feel the fit is a good one – it saves everyone a lot of time and effort. (And, yes, “self-deselect” is a real word, at least in the world of recruiting.)

For more information about how our process works, please visit the For Candidates page. Thanks!

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